[eə] 1. noun
1) (the mixture of gases we breathe; the atmosphere: Mountain air is pure.) zrak
2) (the space above the ground; the sky: Birds fly through the air.) zrak, nebo
3) (appearance: The house had an air of neglect.) videz
4) (a tune: She played a simple air on the piano.) melodija
2. verb
1) (to expose to the air in order to dry or make more fresh etc: to air linen.) prezračiti
2) (to make known: He loved to air his opinions.) izražati
- airily
- airiness
- airing
- airless
- airy
- airborne
- air-conditioned
- air-conditioner
- air-conditioning
- aircraft
- aircraft carrier
- airfield
- air force
- air-gun
- air hostess
- air letter
- airlift
- airline
- airliner
- air-lock
- airmail
- airman
- air pollution
- airplane
- airport
- air-pump
- air-raid
- airship
- airtight
- airway
- on the air
- put on airs / give oneself airs
* * *
I [wə]
zrak, atmosfera; vetrič, prepih; videz, vedenje, obnašanje; arija, napev, melodija
to be in the air — biti v nejasnem položaju
to be ( —ali go) on the air — govoriti, oddajati se po radiu
by air — po zraku, z letalom
to beat the air — zaman si prizadevati, prazno slamo mlatiti
air bed — pnevmatična žimnica
castles in the air — gradovi v oblakih
air cleaner — zračni filter
air express — ekspresna avionska pošiljka
Air Force — zračno brodovje
to give o.s. airs — šopiriti se
American slang to give s.o. the air — odpustiti koga
to go up in the air — razburiti, razjeziti se, pobesneti
in the open air — na prostem
to keep s.o. in the air — pustiti koga v negotovosti
on the air — po radiu
to put on airs — šopiriti se
quite in the air — čisto negotovo
to take the air — iti na sprehod
the matter takes air — zadeva prihaja na dan
to vanish ( —ali melt) into thin air — izginiti kot kafra
to walk ( —ali tread) on air — biti ves srečen; zibati se v sreči
air waybill — avionski tovorni list
II [wə]
transitive verb
zračiti; sušiti; rešetati; ohladiti; figuratively objaviti; širokoustiti se;
intransitive verb
sprehajati se; domišljati si
to air one's fine clothes — bahati, šopiriti se
to air one's opinion — na dolgo in široko razlagati svoj nazor
to air one's feelings — dati si duška
to air o.s. — iti na sprehod, sprehoditi se

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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